Gasera has the mission of providing gas measurement solutions beyond what others consider possible. Main focus is in measuring harmful air pollutants in order to protect humans and the environment. Other markets include automotive, environment, power utility, food safety, energy, process control, safety and security.

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Nidos is a born mobile digitalization platform that provides flexible and easier ways to document, control, manage and automate business processes and information.

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Panic Marketing

Panic focuses on innovative solutions for marketing with new visual ways for customers to interact with products and services by virtual reality product visualizations, animated video productions and interactive game based campaigns. Don’t stress, just panic!

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CloudBounce has the mission to bring affordable, high quality audio mastering to all musicians around the globe.


Noveltech Audio

Noveltech Audio develops new digital optical microphone technology for high quality music recording and measurement microphones. It offers also unique sound processing algorithms for music production through plug-in software.



Plantui provides smart gardens for consumers with the vision that “everyone deserves a garden”.