Dr. Ismo Kauppinen: Ismo is a doctor in physics. His doctoral thesis focused on audio signal restoration techniques exploiting methods developed in the field of spectroscopy. He sold his first technology license in 2002 to a Danish global player, TC Electronic A/S, in the field of pro-audio. This was a patented technology for audio restoration which resulted from his PhD work. Afterwards Ismo made several other patents in the pro-audio field. Software products based on these patents are now sold through Noveltech Audio. Ismo’s personal interests lie in the commercialisation of research results and technologies more than in the research itself. Currently Ismo is the CEO and founder of Gasera Ltd. Ismo believes that his strengths are in being able to deeply understand the “product” (i.e. technology) and the “sales” (i.e. business strategy, culture etc) at the same time. This makes him valuable asset in helping to build global businesses around niche tech innovations.

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Ismo Kauppinen

Prof. Dr. Jyrki Kauppinen: Jyrki is emeritus professor from Turku University in Finland. His research interests have been focused in spectroscopy, but later expanded in sensors, algorithms, global warming and energy production. Jyrki is an inventor holding several global patents in various fields. Many of them have been successfully commercialized through new companies formed around the novel technologies or utilized by existing global companies. His broad knowledge in the field of physics makes him valuable asset for global technology businesses due to his ability to help in tech development, creating new innovations and instrumentation technology evaluations.

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Jyrki Kauppinen